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What is Podiatry?

As a Podiatrist you will work closely with your patients and have to listen carefully to their feet. You can determine if they are healthy and fit or need more work. You will be involved in all areas of the feet, but one of the things you will be doing is studying arthritic conditions. It is no wonder then that the vast majority of podiatrists will be either performing Orthopedic or Surgeon surgery.


The body does the same thing every time it creates a normal human foot. We need the use of bones and muscles for the maintenance of our health. When the body is not in good condition then the health of the bones and joints becomes compromised. One of the main things you will have to do as a podiatrist is performing exercises to help the bones and joints adapt to an overworking environment.

When you have an issue with your feet you will want to keep your feet well looked after by your podiatrist. You can talk to him about a podiatrist shoe company that can make sure your feet are properly cared for. To help your feet to understand what the world is like when you walk, you should be wearing sandals and not heels. They tend to allow the toes to come out of position so that the joints are properly cushioned.

Podiatrists also are involved in a lot of sports. They find many of the medical problems with athletes and can see that their issues are related to their sports. As a podiatrist you will want to understand the cause of the problem.

If you are the type of foot doctor who likes to work with little ones then you will want to go to school for Podiatry. You will find that there are many things that you will need to know when working with children. The most important thing to remember is the parent’s consent and then give them care. They are the ones who have a responsibility to children and they will know better than anyone else.

Those who have found that they like working with other people have probably had the opportunity to work with physical therapists. A therapist works with people who are injured and can teach the physical therapist how to help the person to recover. Physical therapists also have the privilege of working with someone who is involved in a physical sport. The therapist will have a much better understanding of what is happening to the person than the podiatrist will.

As you progress as a podiatrist you will find that you will need to become a Foot Doctor. The Foot Doctor will work with the foot and takes measurements. They will also be working with a team of assistants. In order to get to this level you will have to study and learn the material that you will be taught during your Podiatry classes.

For the Foot Doctor who is trained in other areas, such as Sports Medicine, orthopedic doctor, or Genetics, they may find themselves working in a combination of these fields. The Podiatrist is going to have to continue to move up the ladder in order to increase their pay and to maintain their specialties. The podiatrist must continue to work hard to find new techniques and keep the attention of their patients.

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